I’ve been putting off this blog for years. Start today girl!

Hi! My name’s Aimee. I’m a designer and I live in London. 💂🌂🇬🇧🎡🖌🎨📝

A few years back, I measured and drew out my first habit tracker to help me get my shit together.

Now, I’ve shared my printable habit tracker and planners with lovely, creative souls all over the world through my Etsy store, Aimee Today Printables!

Aimee Today Printables. Printable planner and habit trackers. Aimee Today blog

Btw, have you seen the Michelle & Aimee show? Michelle Rohr and I chat about what it takes to grow a thriving printables store, using our intuition so life just flows better, and doing what scares the crap out of you as a route to your dream life.

The Michelle & Aimee show on Youtube. Printables buisness, using your intuition to let life flow better, and doing what you fear most as a route to success!

I’ve been wanting to start this blog for YEARS

As a way to document my progress, prove to myself I’m moving forward and to hold myself accountable. You know, to actually do the things I say I want to do!

But something always held me back… 🤔

I heard many people say that we stop ourselves because of fear of failure, fear of success or being judged my the people around us or strangers on the internet.


That’s all valid, but for me there was still a missing piece. 🧩

Today, I think I’ve finally uncovered what my real wall has been.

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How I started my printables business – Part 3

How I started my Etsy Printables Business - Part 3. I took Michelle Rohr's course Passive Income With Printables and went from no store with 0 sales, to 1200 sales doing something I love! Read on to learn how. Aimee Today Blog. #passiveincome #sellingprintables #printables #etsyprintables

Read Part 1 here…

Read Part 2 here…

At last, part 3! Do you have your cup of tea/matcha/hot chocolate? ☕

Good! Got my turmeric latte and my notes, let’s begin 🙂

Aimee Today Blog. Turmeric Latte + blog notes

These posts are all about how I started from scratch, took Michelle Rohr’s Passive Income with Printables course, and set on the journey to build my Etsy printables store. 1200 sales in and I’m really happy I began!

In part 1 I shared where I started pre-business. All the feels, all the doubts, none of the courage.

In part 2 we looked into Michelle’s course behind the scenes, I shared what I did & didn’t do plus the mindsets that helped me not pull my hair out over the last year or so 🙂

In this post, we’re going chat about:

  1. Some surprising (and unsurprising) life changes that I experienced through this process,
  2. Coming up with your first printable ideas, because you’re super interesting!! And I know there’s at least one great product waiting for you to make it.
  3. How I use my intuition to make the right choices for me and avoid FOMO

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How I started my printables business – Part 2

How I started my printables business. In this post I share more about taking the Passive Income With Printables Course by Michelle Rohr. #passiveincome #printablesbusiness #Etsy


You can read Part 1 here. 🙂

Note: This post has some swearing, so if you’re about to press play and have little people around, might be an idea to pop your headphones in!


Hello lovely human!

In short: I took Michelle Rohr’s Passive Income with Printables course.

In part 1, I told you where I started…the VERY beginning with no cash, no business and no joy in my work.

I shared how I discovered Michelle and her course and all the feelings that came up for me before I clicked the ‘buy’ button. Excitement, doubts and fears, so many reasons why it wouldn’t work for me.

Was I graphic designer? Nope. A planner girl? Nope. Did I have any idea what I could create? Nope. Social media following of ANY sort? Erm…you could take a stab at that one.

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How I started my printables business – Part 1

How I started my Etsy Printables Business. I started from scratch and took Michelle Rohr's Passive Income with Printables course. Learn where I started and what I did.


In short: I took Michelle Rohr’s Passive Income with Printables course.

Before, I was in a bad place mentally with little cash, tricky clients and no confidence.

I leapt, took the course, implemented and learned A LOT. To say my life has changed would not even begin to cover it.

I went from no store, zero sales to over 1200 sales! And I thank my past self for deciding to give it a go every day. 🙏

Do I recommend it to you? Depends… on where you’re at and what you’d want to get from the experience and investment. What kind of work you enjoy, how much love you’re willing to pour into it…

As they say, it’s not a magic pill. 🤔💊✨

But here’s proof that it can work if you’ve got that gut feeling and you’re ready to try. 

Read on to learn what I did and and how I did it… 🙂

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How habit tracking changed my life

How habit tracking has changed my life! It all starts with building one habit that then leads to another... | Aimee Today printables

Habit tracking has completely changed my life.

Checking those boxes with pen and paper is fun and feels so satisfying at the end of the month!

But what’s really been transformative, is the process of seeing myself take care of me.

Slowly, a bit every day, getting healthier and happier.

Let’s go back in time.

3 years ago, I felt lost, was addicted to sugar with eating issues, I was a person who hated moving, full of anxiety and depression, and it felt like my brain was not co-operating.

So how did my brain and I change our identity 180 degrees?

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Make even more art

Day 11 of #the100dayproject. Andy Warhol Quote: “Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” Every artist needs to hear this from time to time :)

A great Andy Warhol quote:

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

Every artist needs to hear this from time to time 🙂

Our job is to keep making, keep going, every day.

Quick tip to stop procrastinating

Day 8 of #the100dayroject. A Quick trick to stop procrastinating and finish your project. Aimee today blog

Procrastination!! Ahhh how you sneak up on me.

I think you’ve come to visit because, being the caring habit that you are, you’ve spotted that I have important and challenging work to do…

You know I’m on a mission to upgrade myself and my life and you’ve come to assist.

A 73rd serving of Instagram Aimee?”

“How about another cup of something that requires 10 minutes of preparation? I can recommend something that requires blending and straining…”

“Or how about a moment of blankness while you’re on the line? I’ll just take all your organised thoughts for half an hour, clear the table for ya.”

Thanks, Procrastination. You’re too kind. And if I’m going to do anything with my life, I’ve got to find a way to dodge your charming ways…

Time to embrace sit with the difficult task at hand. Unclench that jaw. Ok, you can make a cup of matcha but no blending. Put the phone down.

Let’s get out of procrastination’s arms now. Ready? Focus on this:

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It’s ok to have ‘small steps’ days

DAY 3 of #the100dayproject. It's ok to have 'small steps' kinda days. They are absolutely necessary to achieve your big dreams :) Aimee Today Blog


Despite having almost 30 years of practice at sleeping, I still suck at it I’m still working on getting it juuust right.

Some days, like today, I know I’ve got to be wise about using my energy. And in particular, making sure I don’t pour it away stressing about not having the energy!

So I’m declaring this to my nervous system:

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