A journey of building habits for a creative, happy life

I’m so glad you’re here!

On this blog, I’m sharing with you what I learn about making a better life. 

Here you’ll find ideas around habits that help you feel better, build confidence and go for the things you want because truthfully, it’s what I need to hear too.

Chances are if it’s on the blog, it was once a scrappy note-to-self, hiding away in my Google Drive folder.

I’ve also designed printables to help you build these habits of champions! [Is that a phrase?]

Again, all things I myself need on a daily basis, so you get the tried and tested stuff!

I’m definitely not perfect, and not pretending to be. I’d rather focus on how we imperfect people can work together to make our lives better!

Perhaps you’re here because you too want to change

And for that, I have a deep respect for you.

I believe the future will be more beautiful than we can even imagine right now. Because my hunch is you don’t quite know what you’re capable of yet…

You’ll do amazing things, create storybook-worthy memories and make the world a better place. I can feel it.

Wherever you’re starting from, try to be brave and take your very next step.

Who are you girl?

I’m Aimee 🙂

I design, paint and make things. Clothes, printables, smoothies with strange powders, patterns, birthday cards, coconut curries…

I love to dream up fabulous futures. You’ll usually find me making a mess between piles of inspirational books and colourful inky paper.

My journey so far in 10 short steps:

  1. Happy child who loves flowers
    Sings to flowers a lot, flowers grow amazingly as a result.
    An expert at enjoying life.
  2. Does fashion bootcamp
    (a few years later, that is)
    No longer singing to flowers.
  3. Leaves fashion
    Sad and tired with eating issues.
  4. Tries wearable tech
    Meet cool people, but feeling more lost than ever before.
  5. Finds self-development
    Discover that my life is in my hands!
    Don’t quite believe I can change yet, but am willing to try…
  6. Finds nutrition
    Start to eat differently, feel better, brain fog no more!
    And no longer super sad. In fact, feeling pretty good 🙂
  7. Learns web design
    OMG coding hurts my brain.
    But I feel like anything is possible if I can learn this!
    Make websites and teach many lovely people how to get started with design + code.
  8. Start to change my life
    So much happier, more energy, direction and filled with excitement for what’s to come!
    Coding may not be it. But that’s fine.
    Setting out on a journey to pursue the things I really enjoy…
    Like painting, making stuff and helping other lady bosses put beautiful things into the world! Woo!
  9. Learn about Etsy and start my business
    Turning the tools I make for myself into products that can help others too 🙂
    Building something I’m really proud of and connecting with amazing women all over the world!
    Singing again, this time to my house plants (London apartment life).
  10. Sharing what works with you!
    The things I come across that shift my thinking. And stuff that sometimes we need reminding of…
    I know I’m not the only one, so I hope it can help you too!

But enough about me, tell me about you! What are you working on at the moment?