How habit tracking changed my life

How habit tracking has changed my life! It all starts with building one habit that then leads to another... | Aimee Today printables

Habit tracking has completely changed my life.

Checking those boxes with pen and paper is fun and feels so satisfying at the end of the month!

But what’s really been transformative, is the process of seeing myself take care of me.

Slowly, a bit every day, getting healthier and happier.

Let’s go back in time.

3 years ago, I felt lost, was addicted to sugar with eating issues, I was a person who hated moving, full of anxiety and depression, and it felt like my brain was not co-operating.

So how did my brain and I change our identity 180 degrees?

It started with a habit tracker…

May 2015: OK! I’m going to do 100 squats, read for 30mins, learn Italian for 15, wake up at 6am and then my life will be completely different!

My first habit tracker

Well, I managed a fair few squats that month and not much else! My quads were great. My Italian was not.

At the time, that month felt like a total failure. But now in hindsight, I can see the life-changing potential of creating even one, booty-building habit!

You see, something interesting happened. Because my brain and I saw evidence that we were now a person who could do a crazy amount of squats every month, we began…making smoothies.

[You know, because smoothies make sense for people who do insane amounts of squats.]

We’re talking bananas 🍌, spinach 🍃, lime 🍋, spirulina 🍵…the greener and pond-ier the better!

A very green smoothie. How habit tracking changed my life - blog post from Aimee Today

We then began reading and enjoying self-development books. Read Seth Godin’s Linchpin and bought Ramit Sethi’s Earn 1K course.

Business! Entrepreneurship! Mindset?! I became hooked.

The doors flew wide open and suddenly I was knee-deep in this whole new world of online education.

I loved that I could put together my own MBA and design my learning according to my dreams! (Ahem. Our dreams – at this point brain and I are now a team)

Later I learned why this process works – because exercise is a compound habit. When we begin to exercise, we start to think of ourselves as people who could also take on other great habits like managing our finances!

If you’re interested, definitely check out Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of Habit to dive deeper into this world of habits.

But imagine for one moment if I never drew up that first tracker.

I probably wouldn’t have started my printables store!

Printable habit tracker from Aimee Today Printables Blog

That hand-drawn habit tracker turned into an Etsy adventure! Creating digital PDFs of my trackers and sharing them with ladies all over the world 🙂

I definitely wouldn’t have met & had the privilege of working with Michelle Rohr and Carrie Green.

The Michelle and Aimee Show - Taking the Pressure off! Selling Printables on Etsy

A couple of weeks ago, Michelle and I started a Youtube show where we talk about all the mindset shifts we’ve been through while building our businesses! 😀

And maybe I wouldn’t even be with my amazing partner Matteo (because to be honest, I was not fun to be around back then). Thank you for sticking around Matteo! <3

Aimee today blog. My amore eating pizza. Actually mostly a picture of pizza.

You’ve probably read a lot about how habits are the key to success…

I say, life is moving fast.

The days, hours and minutes are passing anyway.

So if we can do something positive for ourselves and intentionally live the next 5 minutes, that could lead to another amazing 5 minutes. Then to an hour, a day, a week and so on.

In the end, that 5 minutes could inspire the most amazing year of your life!

How can you live with intention for the next 5 minutes? Reminder quote

Or if you’re a little slower like me, it could take a few years 🙂 but that’s ok. It’s worth sticking with it.

I definitely haven’t done 100 squats every day for the last 3 years. Actually I haven’t practiced anything consistently for the last 3 years (apart from showering 🚿 and brushing my teeth 😬, don’t worry guys).

The beauty of this process is you don’t have to be perfect!

Often is better than never. Now is better than tomorrow. Don’t stress about it.

Start practicing one positive habit today and who knows what your life could look like in a few years time!

One thing at a time. How habit tracking changed my life. Blog post from Aimee Today printables

So, what habit will you begin building today? Let me know in the comments bit below!


✏ ✏ ✏ ✏ ✏

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