How I started my printables business – Part 3

How I started my Etsy Printables Business - Part 3. I took Michelle Rohr's course Passive Income With Printables and went from no store with 0 sales, to 1200 sales doing something I love! Read on to learn how. Aimee Today Blog. #passiveincome #sellingprintables #printables #etsyprintables

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At last, part 3! Do you have your cup of tea/matcha/hot chocolate? ☕

Good! Got my turmeric latte and my notes, let’s begin 🙂

Aimee Today Blog. Turmeric Latte + blog notes

These posts are all about how I started from scratch, took Michelle Rohr’s Passive Income with Printables course, and set on the journey to build my Etsy printables store. 1200 sales in and I’m really happy I began!

In part 1 I shared where I started pre-business. All the feels, all the doubts, none of the courage.

In part 2 we looked into Michelle’s course behind the scenes, I shared what I did & didn’t do plus the mindsets that helped me not pull my hair out over the last year or so 🙂

In this post, we’re going chat about:

  1. Some surprising (and unsurprising) life changes that I experienced through this process,
  2. Coming up with your first printable ideas, because you’re super interesting!! And I know there’s at least one great product waiting for you to make it.
  3. How I use my intuition to make the right choices for me and avoid FOMO

6 Surprising and unsurprising life changes from growing this business

Here’s where you read about how I’ve made 16 figures in 6 months right? Ha. No.

But I am going to be real with you. Setting off on this journey to build my business has changed how I show up every day…

May I present to you: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Starting a Business

Aimee Today Blog. Surprising life-changes that I experienced through starting my own Printables business on Etsy

1. There are knock-offs of my products scattered across Etsy & Pinterest! 😀

K… and that’s a good thing because…?

Because it means that your creations are so fun that people all over the internet are inspired when they look at them! So inspired, they can’t wait to recreate their own versions.

It’s a huge confidence boost to know that people love your work! 💕

When I left the fashion world, I felt I had failed. I lost my confidence around my design skills and hid away for years.

But now? I trust my eye, 👀 I follow the ideas that come to me and I’m proud of the printables I create.

2. I wear my pink wig with pride

You know what’s been cool? Developing the courage to share my products and ideas, show my face and speak up just as I am. Sometimes in a pink wig.

Aimee Today Blog. Pink wig.

Yes, I have finally realised my childhood dream of becoming a badass My Little Pony 🦄🌸 and now it’s not just delivery guy Wayne who knows it!

It started with knocking down that mean, invisible wall that said: you’re not good enough to have a business.

I published my first habit tracker, got my first sale and over the course of 1.5 years, realised that actually we are all good enough to have businesses and share our ideas. Just as we are.

That confidence grew to the point where I now happily show up to record a YouTube show with Michelle Rohr – The Michelle & Aimee Show.

Michelle Rohr and Aimee Johanan recording The Michelle & Aimee Show

3. I asked the universe for 1 Michelle and it delivered me 2…

One of my favourite parts of this journey has been making friends!

🗓️ Summer 2017

My new Etsy business was about a month old and I sat myself down to write some goals. I was jotting down things like ‘get to 20 sales by…’ and not really feeling much.

Then, before I could second-guess myself I scribbled: speak to Michelle somehow.

And you know what happened? Not even 30 minutes from scribbling that down, my phone pinged: You made a sale! 1 habit tracker sold to Michelle Rohr.

Since then, we’ve masterminded, worked together and recorded our biz + intuition chats for the world to hear!

Then within a few days of that, I got a message from a lady on Pinterest named Michelle Simpkin… Who it turns out is a fellow student of the course and an awesome rebel! We started a rebel-mastermind and have been biz-besties ever since!

Michelle Simpkin + Aimee Johanan mastermind, featuring Harley the dog

My life is now abundant with excellent Michelles! Thanks universe!! 😍😍😍

Michelles aside, the women on this course are such wonderful, kind humans. When you succeed, they’re ready with Oprah gifs, high-fives and all the hell yes-s!

And when you need a second opinion or run up against a tricky situation, they go deep to share what they know and what’s worked for them.

What a gift to meet these awesome ladies! 🙏

4. From cursing Microsoft Word, to graphic designer for 6 and 7-figure businesses

I still hate Microsoft Word. Thank goodness we don’t need it to make printables.

In the beginning, I would never have predicted I’d gain amazing clients just from building my store.

But it turns out a cute store is also a portfolio in disguise! Demonstrating that you can do graphic stuff! No actual portfolio needed.

It’s been a huge privilege to work with companies like the Female Entrepreneur Association and other women-led missions. Using my skills to make graphics and workbooks and help thousands of women grow their businesses!

3 years ago I would have crawled back into bed if you said this was my future.

But now, I know I can deliver great work to my clients. What a shift!

5. Passive income (of course!)

When I decided to take on those amazing 6 and 7-figure clients through 2018, I allowed myself to take a step back from building my store.

A BIG step back. We’re talking… January I made some changes, at some point mid-year I added a water tracker… e finito.

WATER TRACKER by Aimee Today Printables on Etsy

And yet…even though I wasn’t showing it much love, it continued to bring in between £100 – £400 every month, no effort. Not yet thousands, but not bad either considering I was on an Etsy hiatus for 14 months! 😱😱😱

Aimee Today Blog - screenshot of Etsy delivering money to my account

BTW, the hiatus is coming to and end and new ideas are in the works to grow this year. I’ll share with you soon!

6. Accepting myself

Who knew the process of creating and publishing my work would leave me face-to-face with all my personal demons!?

Before anything appeared on my storefront, before I could brave the camera for YouTube… I first had to battle with all the ways in which I reject myself:

💭Not a professional. Skin not perfect. Teeth crooked. Face too weird. Too crazy-cat-excitable, I’ll annoy people.

As you know, I was really worried about everything.

But somehow one day my mind just… shifted.

It struck me: if I’m rejecting myself for all these reasons, I’m also rejecting all other women like me. If I’m saying I’m not allowed to try, then I’m also saying that ladies like me aren’t good enough to try either.

F*CK it! No more!

I suddenly understood that by publishing our work, we’re doing so much more than just getting sales.

We’re lifting each other up and saying YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

YOU HAVE IT IN YOU encouraging plant. Aimee Today Blog

{Encouraging plant.}

Because we need to see and accept the full variety of people. Different genders, sexes, sexualities, races, ages, bodies, ways of thinking and living.

And if more of us share, more people will see themselves in us and decide it’s safe to share too. 

Coming up with your first printable ideas

Let’s take a short break from the story and have a little fun!

Keep it simple, grab a pen, a fresh cup of tea and jot down whatever answers come up for you 🙂

  1. Take a look at your immediate surrounding, right next to you.
    What do you see? A notebook? Some post-its? A planner or diary? What do you have pinned up on the wall or your fridge?
  2. Take a closer look at these items.
    How are you using them? What kind of information are you writing on/in them?
  3. Are these items designed exactly for what you need?
    Or are you customising it, adding things, writing in the margins…could they be tweaked a bit to make them perfect for your needs? How could you tweak them?
  4. How would it feel to have your own version of these items, customised exactly to your taste?
    If you could make the items you use more fun, if you could wave a magic wand and have exactly what you want, what might that look and feel like?
  5. Of all the ideas that have come up, what’s the one you’re most excited to work on first?
    If you could just drop everything else on your todo list now and start on one idea, what would that be? Don’t question it, whatever comes up – that’s the one 🙂

For now, put aside any worries about how you’re going to do it. You can learn and it won’t be as hard as you think!

Looking for printable ideas in your own home. What are you already using that you could put your spin on or tweak? How I started my Printables Business. My story from no store to 1200 sales on Etsy, taking Michelle Rohr's course: Passive Income with Printables

Is the course right for you?

Although I’m sharing about Michelle’s course and explaining what worked for me, I’m definitely not saying you neeeed it in order to succeed.

Really, you decide what feels right for you. Which I know, is easier said than done.

For instance, you can count on two hands the number of courses I’ve purchased out of fear, hoping that they would save me… but that I’ve also never used or got passed the second lesson…

So what was the difference between those courses and Michelle’s Passive Income with Printables? Why did I finish hers and never even touch others?

It was my feeling before investing. 

Those other courses? 100% afraid. FOMO – fear of missing out, of being left behind while everyone drives forward in life.

Reading about Michelle was altogether different. I could see myself in who she was 3 years before. She made me feel like success was in reach, and that I could do it on my own terms.

Sure, I was nervous about all the things I shared in Part 1 and Part 2

But thinking about diving into the course, custom-designing my very own products and creating a beautiful store energised me!

How I use my intuition to make the the right decisions

Now, before I make a decision I ask myself these questions:

✖️ Would I be doing this course because I’m afraid of missing out?

💛 OR am I excited and can’t wait to dive in?

✖️ Am I doing this because I want to please someone else? Because someone said I should?

💛 OR is it a gift to myself to take me closer to my dreams?

✖️ Do I secretly want to appear impressive? Like I’m proving myself to others?

💛 OR do I think I’d enjoy the process? Which equals happier days and better quality of life…

✖️ Does my body feel tired, heavy, like I’m going to have to push and force myself through?

💛 OR is it lighter, fizzy, like a nervous can’t-wait-to-tear-open-the-package kinda feeling?

I keep these questions in my pocket so I can say NO to opportunities that aren’t a good fit, and YES to the ones that feel muuuch better.

With the right feelings in place, I decided to buy and initiate my new adventure!

Are you interested in joining the course?

I’ll be waiting for you on the other side, getting out the pom-poms and leading a cheer for your fabulous future!

Michelle holds nothing back to help us all succeed and is the most genuine, kind-hearted person. She actually cares.

This thought from a fellow student says it all:

Michelle Rohr Passive Income with Printables testimonial

For me, committing to the course was like saying to my subconscious mind: “Hey, I’m serious about this!”

And I used Michelle’s guidance to save hours of drifting and second-guessing.

Since then, I’ve met printable sellers on the outside who’ve given up because they couldn’t figure Etsy out.

And I realised I never needed to, because Michelle has so generously shared all her secrets with us.

More than printables or the Cha-ching…

In the end it wasn’t just the printables or sales, but the process of building a business that brought all these changes into my life.

So whatever you feel a pull to create in the end, I say go for it!

In other words, whether you chose to make printables or not, regardless… give yourself the gift of starting your next adventure.

So here’s to you 1, 2 years from now! 🍾🥂🎉

You’ve leapt! Honed skills you never imagined mastering before!

With real courage, you shared your art and lovely humans on the other side of the planet use your creations to make their day a little more inspiring!

Every day you give and receive virtual high-fives with your new biz-besties.

Looking back, you thank your past self for taking a chance… then looking forward you know that whatever comes next will be a big YASSSSS!!

It will be great! You will love what's coming to you next! Trust! Aimee Today Blog

Alas, we’ve reached the end!

So thank you for spending this time with me, reading my story 🙂 I feel like I should give you a big hug! 🤗

I hope you enjoyed it 💖 and oh my, I can’t wait to see what you create next…🥂🎈

P.S. I’m thinking of making a bonus hub for those who want to purchase the course through my link.

To go deeper into the ideas exercise. Plus things like finding inspiration, finding your own style, how I’m applying Michelle’s lessons and a look at the experiments I’m trying in my own business.

Would that be interesting for you? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

Click below to learn more about joining:

Passive Income With Printables Online Course

📖☝️Lovely disclaimer:
This is my affiliate link, which means if you click through and decide to invest in the course, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Michelle has been really kind giving me this link, because it means I can share my story with you and help more people achieve the same results I have or better!

And it doesn’t have to take away from my client-work time.

I’m not a full-time biz owner just yet, but growth plans are in the works which I’ll surely share with you soon!

So right now, it’s super helpful  🙂


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