It’s ok to have ‘small steps’ days

DAY 3 of #the100dayproject. It's ok to have 'small steps' kinda days. They are absolutely necessary to achieve your big dreams :) Aimee Today Blog


Despite having almost 30 years of practice at sleeping, I still suck at it I’m still working on getting it juuust right.

Some days, like today, I know I’ve got to be wise about using my energy. And in particular, making sure I don’t pour it away stressing about not having the energy!

So I’m declaring this to my nervous system:


And actually, these days are essential…

Every dream big story requires thousands of small steps days, hours, minutes.

When I was working in fashion, superstar-pattern-cutter Izumi Harada for Hussein Chalayan said to me:

“Everyone focuses on the big fancy show. But it’s the millimetre by millimetre work we all do that matters because without it there is no show.”

Wow, what an honour to do millimetre work in the building of a gorgeous, grand vision.

Thanks Izumi 🙂


What’s the small step you’re taking today, on the way to your big dreams? I’d love to know…

P.S. If you’re interested, check out Hussein Chayalan’s work. Extraordinary human superhuman-artist-designer-philosopher.


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