How I made my first $1000 on Etsy selling printables

How I made my first $1000 selling printables on Etsy! #printables #digitaldownloads #etsybusiness #passiveincome

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Growing my Etsy Printables business has been my passion since May last year and I’ve absolutely loved the process! Creating, making mistakes, learning, and eventually making income doing something FUN!

And now my inbox is full of messages every week asking for advice on how to build an Etsy printables store…

About time I got my act together and reposted this recording to share with you what I did to get to this point.

I wrote this post a few months ago for Michelle Rohr at Secret Owl Society. She taught me how to get off my butt and build my store with her Passive Income with Printables course.

Have a listen if you’d like to hear all about the mindset stuff that gets in our way when we’re building our businesses. And more importantly how to overcome them!  🙂

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Start where you are – a quick reminder

Start exactly where you are

Here’s a reminder and gentle nudge for when you find yourself saying you’re not ready:

Start where you are.

Right here, right now, as you are. You’re ready.

Use the resources you have, with the insights you’ve gained, multiplied by the massive love in your heart!

You have a lot of that, I know it.

You’ve a tonne of good work to do, art to make, and people to touch.

Every moment passing is another you can dive into…use it!

And the very first step is to allow yourself to start.

Rough edges, a little wobbly, it’s all good.

Get going lady!