Quick tip to stop procrastinating

Day 8 of #the100dayroject. A Quick trick to stop procrastinating and finish your project. Aimee today blog

Procrastination!! Ahhh how you sneak up on me.

I think you’ve come to visit because, being the caring habit that you are, you’ve spotted that I have important and challenging work to do…

You know I’m on a mission to upgrade myself and my life and you’ve come to assist.

A 73rd serving of Instagram Aimee?”

“How about another cup of something that requires 10 minutes of preparation? I can recommend something that requires blending and straining…”

“Or how about a moment of blankness while you’re on the line? I’ll just take all your organised thoughts for half an hour, clear the table for ya.”

Thanks, Procrastination. You’re too kind. And if I’m going to do anything with my life, I’ve got to find a way to dodge your charming ways…

Time to embrace sit with the difficult task at hand. Unclench that jaw. Ok, you can make a cup of matcha but no blending. Put the phone down.

Let’s get out of procrastination’s arms now. Ready? Focus on this:

How good is it going to feel on the other side?

Let’s imagine that for a moment…

You’ve put in the hours. It was tough at times, but actually not as bad as you thought (it never is).

With the final touches added, you stand back. Relieved from head to toe.

Hey, pretty good job actually! Your experience bank account has grown. The next one will be easier and you’ll only get better.

You’ve earned your reward so go ahead – buy those Leuchtturm notebooks and watch those K-pop videos.

Picture yourself with pink hair in a Korean boy-band.

Let go of that oh-man-I’ve-got-to-do-it-but-I-really-don’t-want-to feeling.

The project now has a life of its own.

You are empowered now.

Free. 💫

Thanks, Procrastination, but I’m good.

Time to finish my project and reach that next level of Me. 💪


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